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We are a customised T-shirt printing provider in Singapore with over 4 years of experience. It is our mission to create personalised apparels that develop a unique identity for your company, community or friends.

To assist your customised printing needs, we offer a wide range of services. From designing to sampling and printing, we ensure that the finished product is customised to your personal preferences.

With our impeccable customer service, we aim to deliver T-shirts of superior quality and ensure that our clients receive maximum satisfaction.

Fast Lead Time - The Athleisure Tees Pte Ltd

Fast Lead Time

Get your personalised T-shirts, Uniforms, Workwear and personalised products printed within 5-7 days!

Low MOQ Minimum Quantity Order - The Athleisure Tees Pte Ltd


With Low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ), you can easily mix and match your desired customised items in different quantities.

Low MOQ Minimum Quantity Order - The Athleisure Tees Pte Ltd


With Low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ), you can easily mix and match your desired customised items in different quantities.

Low Set Up Cost - The Athleisure Tees Pte Ltd

Low Set Up Cost

Enjoy reliable T-shirt printing services at cost-effective prices in Singapore. Let our sales representatives know your budget and we'll do our best to keep prices as low as possible.

Premium Quality - The Athleisure Tees Pte Ltd

Premium Quality

With our state-of-the-art printing technology and stringent quality checks, we ensure that all products delivered are of the highest retail quality.

Superior Service - The Athleisure Tees Pte Ltd

Superior Service

Our helpful sales representatives are always available to guide and assist you, making your customised printing order hassle-free.

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T-Shirt Printing Services

Silkscreen T-Shirt Printing - The Athleisure Tees Pte Ltd

Silkscreen T-shirt Printing

Silkscreen T-shirt printing uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. The attached stencil has open areas of mesh that transfer ink. As a squeegee is moved across the screen stencil, ink is forced through the mesh openings, creating an image on the apparel. Silkscreen printing allows up to 4 colours, and these 4 colours will come together to form a complete picture and t-shirt design with a wider range of colours.

Sublimation T-Shirt Printing - The Athleisure Tees Pte Ltd

Sublimation T-Shirt Printing

Sublimation printing is a chemical process where a solid turns into gas without going through the liquid state. Under heat and pressure, solid dye particles change into a gas and bond with any polymers on the substrate. The polymers expand with heat and take in the ink particles. When the heat source is removed and the substrate is cooled, the pores close and the ink solidifies. This process causes the ink and design to bond to the inside and becomes one with the clothing material.

Custom Embroidery T-Shirt Printing - The Athleisure Tees Pte Ltd

Custom Embroidery T-Shirt Printing

As the name suggests, embroidery is the process whereby a design is directly sewn onto an apparel using a computerised embroidery machine. To process an embroidery order, the artwork must be digitized and converted into a file that is readable by the embroidery machine. As the design is embedded on the apparel itself, this printing method results in a highly professional and sleek finish. Hence, it is the preferred printing method among many businesses for corporate and workwear orders.

Heat Transfer T-Shirt Printing - The Athleisure Tees Pte Ltd

Heat Transfer T-Shirt Printing

Heat Transfer Printing, also known as Digital Heat Transfer Printing, is done by using a heat transfer medium such as heat transfer paper or a vinyl-rubber type material. Firstly, an image of the artwork is printed on the film side of the heat transfer medium. Secondly, the image is heat-pressed and transferred onto the apparel using a heat transfer machine; like an iron. Heat triggers the special ink to stick to the fabric and when the heat transfer medium is peeled away, the design is printed on clothing.

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Our Past Clients


Johnny is very helpful. When he knows that we do not have the AI software, he offers to help by asking his in-house designer to covert the files. Despite making few changes to the designs, he was still very patient & tries his best to get his designers to help. He is also very fast in responding to email enquiries. Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality of the dri-fit tee & also the prompt service.

Margaret Tan, Changi Airport Group (S) Pte Ltd

Sales executive Irene was very helpful in answering the questions we had about the printing of aprons. She was also quick to source the exact shade of colour for our required printing job. The timely updates on production and delivery schedules were also useful in helping us manage the expectations of the recipients of the yellow aprons.

Chu Wan Xin, National Library Board

Celein is very friendly and responsive to meet our needs, she is a very detailed person to work with and price wise the customised polo tees are very competitive in the market.

Maurice Tang, Star Cruises Travel Service

Good price, fast delivery and responsive salesperson. The Customised Polo Tees exceeded our expectations on price and quality!

Zanly Yau, Artisan Boulangerie Co

Irene is very responsive and efficient in addressing to all our customization requests. The Sublimation T-Shirts delivered are great and value for money. We were also impressed by the quality and design capabilities of Athleisure Tees.

Lai Mun, Jurong Central Community Sports Club

We are very grateful for the careful services provided to us. The final Long Sleeve Denim Shirts and Polo Tees are very impressive and surpassed our expectations. We commend the level of customer service provided by the company and look forward to working with The Athleisure Tees again.

A&S Transit Pte Ltd

We ordered the Customized Polo T-shirt Mock Neck Tee with Zip and the quality of materials and printing was good. We were very satisfied with the customer service and felt supported by Johnny. Excellent service by AE Johnny Teo! Make sure Johnny continues to look after our account! Keep it up!

William, JAB Design Pte Ltd

We would like to highly commend your staff, Irene Tan of Athleisure Tees. She has provided one of the best sales services ever. She even helped to go an extra mile to ensure that her customers are well taken care of. She provided viable alternative suggestions and has a very positive attitude. Such staffs are hard to come by and we truly are glad to be able to work with her. We look forward for more cooperation with Irene in future. Her after-sales service is one that is incomparable to others. We appreciate her hard work in ensuring that the Corporate Gifts and T-shirts were delivered and received on time. Thank you, Irene! Keep up the good work.

Nur Aliyah Khamis, ITE College East

Reasonable price with good and prompt customer service. We feedback to improve on the embroidery during sample stage and it was well taken care of by Salesperson, Celein. Fuss free and swift overall process! Material can be thicker but not a big issue. Thank you, Athleisure Tees!

Crystal Yau, NTT Security (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Very good customer service! We love the towels we ordered!

Sam Arles, I Love Badminton (Singapore Badminton Association)

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