Embroidery can transform an ordinary apparel into something extraordinary.

Direct Embroidery

As the name suggests, direct embroidery is the process whereby a design is directly sewn onto an apparel using a computerised embroidery machine. To process an embroidery order, the artwork must be digitized and converted into a file that is readable by the embroidery machine. As the design is embedded on the apparel itself, this printing method results in a highly professional and sleeker finish. Hence, it is the preferred printing method among many businesses.


Source: http://pennemblem.com/services/direct-embroidery

Advantages of Direct Embroidery:

  • Professional appearance
  • Elevates the value perception of the apparel
  • More durable and long lasting
  • Can be put on a wide variety of apparel
  • Works better for simple designs

Limitations of Direct Embroidery:

  • Can only do solid colours
  • More expensive especially for small orders
  • Certain shapes, details, and fonts, are too complicated or nuanced to be created
  • Not good for extremely lightweight garments (Sublimation/Silk Screen is preferred)
  • Since the design is embedded on the apparel, removing the direct embroidery from one apparel and placing on another is a time-consuming process. Sometimes, the fabric might even get damaged during the process.

This method is most advantageous when:

  • You want a professional appearance eg. for management corporate polo shirts
  • You have simple designs
  • Apparel is thicker (of higher gsm)

Embroidered Patches

With patch embroidery, the designs are not directly embroidered on the fabric itself. Rather, they are either ironed on or sewn on top of the fabric. Hence, they can be made into any shape desired. In addition, patch embroidery can cater to intricate designs. Hence, if your design has a serif font, small text, or a detailed icon, patch embroidery will be the go-to printing method.


Source: https://www.dhgate.com/product/space-embroidered-patches-for-clothing-iron/407777599.html

Advantages of Patch Embroidery:

  • No loss in artistic integrity – produce better outcomes for intricate designs
  • Can be easily removed from one fabric and placed on another without destroying the fabric

This method is most advantageous when:

  • You have more complicated and intricate designs

Cost of embroidery depends on:

  • Number of stitches required
  • Number of print positions
  • Quantity of the order
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